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Mecha Bracer - Extending Arm Shields

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Metal spring loaded functional shield gadget gauntlets with automatic extension locking function. Capable of moderate side impacts to the extending shield and body. Extend by pulling the adjustable strap, gauntlet shield will instantly extend and lock automatically. To unlock pull on the strap again and push the shield back, it will click into place once it goes all the way back. Three 2 inch wide velcro straps securely clamp the Mecha Bracers to your arm while in use. 

Internal mechanism features hardened steel official 15mm Hiwin rails and slide bearings. External shell is made from 16 gauge aluminum. Contact us for extra reinforcement if you want to take high impact. 



Capable of moderate forward impact in the extended and locked position.

When ordering specify your height and forearm circumference. Measure your forearm at it's widest point an inch or two from your elbow, while flexing with your elbow bent at 90 degrees. Goal is to get the largest possible measurement.  

Build time is 3-6 weeks.  Ships worldwide in a week or two. 

Contact us for express DHL shipping options. Rush orders not available for this item.