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V1.0 Mechanical Wings

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Power Option: CO2 Version
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Gas Powered Mechanical Wings Version 1. Opens to 4.5 feet wide at the flick of a switch! Powered by small CO2 gas cartridges. This particular wing design is one of the most durable because of it's simplicity and thick alloy aluminum construction. Attaches to your back like a backpack with 2 inch wide leather straps and snap on detachable buckles.   

NOTE: Due to the new miniature CO2 regulator system these wings no longer come with the air tanks shown in the pictures.

Available in Electric or CO2 versions

CO2 Version Info

CO2 system on all wings have recently been upgraded. New custom miniature CO2 regulators are now included with all sets of CO2 powered wings. The new system reduces weight and increases efficiency big time without sacrificing power. No need to fill and refill air tanks. Simply screw in a co2 cartridge to the pocket sized miniature regulator and you’re ready to go! (Cartridges sold separately)

The main advantage to CO2 is speed. The wings will launch open fast and smoothly close shut. The electric version opens and closes a lot slower.

WARNING: NEVER unscrew a CO2 cartridge until it has been fully depleted. They are one time use only and once the tip has been pierced by screwing it in, it MUST be completely depressurized or used up before removing. 

When you screw in a new cartridge you do not need to use the gas right away, you could wait a few hours before activating the wings but do not leave them fully pressurized for long periods of time.

To obtain CO2 cartridges find a local bike shop or any other business that sells “16 GRAM THREADED CO2 CARTRIDGES” or order them online. A box of 20 can often be found for $30-40. Check for shipping availability in your country. Sometimes companies will not ship CO2 cartridges over seas or across borders because they contain pressurized gas. These wings will also work with the larger 25 gram size of threaded CO2 cartridges.

Electric Version Info

Electric version requires 8 rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries (NiMH). These types of batteries are commonly available everywhere. Any brand of NiMH AA batteries will work but 2000-2600 mah batteries last the longest (batteries and charger sold separately).

The wings are controlled by a hand held control pad. The electric version can work more than a hundred times before the batteries need to be recharged. The wings open smooth and steadily.

Generally the electric version is easier to use. The batteries are easy to find and recharging them is a simple process.

Build time 1-3 weeks. Ships worldwide in a week or two. 

Contact us for rush orders and express DHL shipping options.

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Customer Reviews

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Merissa Coats

The item came earlier than expected. Great service and nice person to talk to. Can’t wait for Christmas!

Bob Archer

It is a mechanical masterpiece! Excellent workmanship and design!

Max Burrus

Great construction - works perfectly - Packaged very carefully for shipping to US