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V2.6 XL Mechanical Bat Wings

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XL 8.5 foot wide CO2 powered mechanical metal bat wings. Opens to a massive 8.5 feet at the push of a button. Closes to only 19 inches! For their size they are the most compact closing mechanical wings available anywhere!

- RF remote control activation
- CO2 powered. Takes 16 and 25 gram threaded cartridges 
- Aluminum and ABS CNC machined parts
- Extra thick black spandex wing fabric
- Cushioned curved backpack
- Pocket sized mini CO2 pneumatic power source
- Opens to 8.5 feet, closes to 19 inches
- Weighs 13lbs (5.9kg)

Full Video:

CO2 cartridges are commonly available worldwide. Look for 16 gram "threaded" CO2 cartridges at local bike shops. For every cartridge you get 5 or 6 full open/close cycles. Just unscrew the used cartridge from the pocket sized regulator power source, screw in another and you're good to go. Also compatible with 25g and larger cartridge sizes for more power.

A box of 20 16g CO2 cartridges can usually be found for about $30-40 depending on where you live.

(Note: I'm wearing the wings in the video, and at 6'4" I'm pretty tall, so they'd look much larger on someone else)

Wings will take 3-4 weeks for construction and another week for shipping worldwide.

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