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V3.5 Metal Gauntlets - Martial Arts Grade

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Configuration: No Hands - Forearm Only
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V3.5 Metal Gauntlets - Martial Arts Grade. Designed for high impact protection. 


  • Complete Aluminum Construction
  • Double thick 1/8 inch armor plating over white impact zones
  • Completely unrestricted range of motion
  • Velcro removable 1/4 inch thick gum rubber foam padding

The entire gauntlet  is made from 5052-H32 alloy aluminum with up to 1/8 inch thick of metal armor plating over the white impact zones. With the thicker shell, these gauntlets are twice as strong as the V2 and slightly stronger than the V3. Currently the best martial arts gauntlets we sell.

Built-in Adjustability:

These gauntlets feature Velcro removable padding layers which allows the sizing to be adjusted.  This allows you to wear the gauntlets over a thick winter jacket, or on skin. Also good for thick costumes! Padding on the hand is also removable, allowing you to wear it over winter gloves, or on skin. Simply peel off the foam layers. Gum rubber foam padding has excellent grip while remaining flexible, so it stays put on your arm and doesn't move around under impact.

Alternate color schemes available by request with standard colors. Choose either "standard version" for both the forearm and hand pieces, or purchase without the hands, choose "no hands" 

4K Video on YouTube:

Include the following measurements in a note when you place your order!

-Forearm Circumference
-Hand Circumference

Measurement Instructions - Measure your forearm where it's widest an inch or two from the elbow. Measure while bending your elbow at 90 degrees and flexing. The goal is to get the largest possible measurement. For these gauntlets take the measurement right on the skin, not over a costume. Measure your hand as shown in the final picture. (Height is your body height, not your arm height)

Build time 1-3 weeks. Ships worldwide in a week or two. 

Contact us for rush orders and express DHL shipping options.

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