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CO2 Fan Style Metal Wings V1.0

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Wing Blade Color: Black
LED Color: Blue
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Deluxe CO2 powered wings open to 5.5 feet wide at the push of a button. Powerful high speed opening.

This is the deluxe version which includes extra long wing blades, pressure gauge, contoured padded backpack, ring light effects, and satin black aluminum wing blades. These wings are lightweight and comfortable to wear for an extended time.

Motion and lights are activated by a control pad on a 24 inch line which you hold in your hand. Powered by 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges, with a miniature CO2 regulator power source that fits in your pocket to power the wings.

CO2 cartridges sold separately. To obtain CO2 cartridges find a local bike shop that sells “16 GRAM THREADED CO2 CARTRIDGES” or order them online. Check for shipping availability in your country. This is a standardized size and should be available worldwide. A box of 20 cartridges can usually be found for about $30-40. For each cartridge you can open and close the wings about 16 times. Cartridges are disposable and "one time use only" so once they've been screwed into the regulator the cartridge tip is pierced they must be used up fully, before unscrewing from the regulator. When you screw in a new cartridge you do not need to use the gas right away, you could wait a few hours before activating the wings but do not leave them pressurized for long periods of time. These wings can also be used with the larger 25 gram threaded CO2 cartridges for more power. 

WARNING: NEVER unscrew a CO2 cartridge until it has been fully depleted. They are one time use only and once the tip has been pierced by screwing it in, it MUST be completely used up before removing. 

Wingspan open: 64 inches
Wingspan closed 15 inches
Weight: 11 lbs

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Build time is 1-3 weeks, ships worldwide in a week or two.

Contact us for rush orders and express DHL shipping options.